Who We Are

Delta Farmland International (“DFI”) is a leading US agricultural asset manager. For more than 10 years its founders have acquired, managed and marketed agricultural assets around the US for the benefit of their investors and the farmers with whom they work. DFI’s goal is to achieve the ownership and investment objectives of its clients (institutional, corporate and individual).

DFI employs knowledgeable staff on the ground working with investors, local farmers and end-users around the US. These key relationships gives DFI the region-specific knowledge that ensures success in sourcing, acquiring and managing farmland assets.

Our Mission

We will be the premiere US provider of agricultural asset management services focused on Delta States (Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana) and Florida. We aim to achieve the ownership and investment objectives of our clients. Our main objective is to be known as a company of integrity and excellence in industry service. We intend to achieve outstanding return for our clients and a motivating, enjoyable and rewarding environment for our associates.

Our Focus

Agricultural land has historically delivered strong risk adjusted returns with low correlation to traditional investments. Farmland is proven to be a strong hedge against inflation. We mainly focus on land in the Delta States and Florida. We combine farming and ranching aiming for diversification on our investors’ portfolios.

What We Provide

In DFI we provide full farm property services. We provide best of class farmers to protect and enhance investors’ properties. Management of farming strategies including straight leasing and crop sharing methods. We are always focused on the improvement of our investors’ lands on a consistent basis. We also advise and help structuring investment vehicles for foreign and domestic investors. Through our strong industry network, we introduce our investors to specialized banks helping them to finance both farm acquisitions and working capital needs.

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